A stack of books on a hardwood background: a dictionary, "Name of the Rose," "The Subversive Copyeditor," "Between You & Me," "The Editor's Companion," "The Elements of Style," "The Nature of the Book," and "The Chicago Manual of Style"


What type of project are you working on? A book or an article, or a website or webpage? Something else? If you’ve read through the services I offer and still aren’t sure what you need, feel free to get in touch with me for a consultation.

Books and articles

I offer four kinds of editing for books and articles: substantive editing, copyediting, reference editing, and proofreading. Read more about my editorial services for books and articles


I offer just two levels of web editing: plain old web editing and web editing light. There’s a good deal of flexibility in those categories, which aren’t quite as strictly defined as the categories for traditional print, e-book, or article projects. Read more about my editorial services for web-based projects