Wondering what it’s like to work with me? Here’s what a few of my lovely clients have to say.

“Fortunately for me Sarah Smith was assigned to copyedit my book, and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve been writing, editing, and publishing for nearly 30 years and have worked with a great many copyeditors. Sarah is, by far, one of the best. She made great suggestions and made sure that my manuscript conformed to Chicago‘s often confusing guidelines. I hope she copyedits my next book too!”

Andy McPhee, retired publisher and author of seven nonfiction YA books and Donora Death Fog: Clean Air and the Tragedy of a Pennsylvania Mill Town

“Sarah helped me correct the proofs for an academic monograph and did an amazing job. She is transparent about her schedule, rigorous and precise in her review of proofs, and always on time. Sarah has experience working at an academic press and can often demystify what is confusing to first-time book authors about the process of publishing an academic book. I appreciated her generosity and professionalism. I would definitely work with her again and I recommend her work highly!”

—Ross Lerner, assistant professor of English, Occidental College, and author of Unknowing Fanaticism: Reformation Literatures of Self-Annihilation

“There is no one better than Sarah Smith. I have hired her for all three of my books that are either published or slated for publication, and I have no doubt that she has been an integral part of those sales. I highly recommend Sarah for every stage of a project: substantive editing/shaping, initial line-item copyediting, final clean-up. I do not feel comfortable sending out a query, chapter, or even a short essay without having Sarah take a look at it.

She is perceptive, enthusiastic, always willing to listen, and her prices are exceptionally reasonable. Best of all, she is very honest about her time constraints, which is so important because no author wants someone to edit his or her piece without focusing on it 100%. Can’t recommend Sarah highly enough.”

— Julia Bricklin, author of America’s Best Female SharpshooterPolly Pry, and Blonde Rattlesnake

“Sarah C. Smith of Arbuckle Editorial is the consummate publishing professional—collaborative, curious, and committed to a client’s 100% satisfaction. After our initial consultation and ever confident that Sarah would create an author website that would reflect my aesthetic sensibilities and desired online functionality, I took the proverbial plunge. And I’m so glad that I did! After reviewing various author websites, we agreed on a priorities list for the website. Ahead of our agreed-to schedule, she shared a draft site for my review that was spot-on, practically ready for public viewing from the get-go!

Sarah provided invaluable editorial input in crafting my biographical statement. She had an intuitive and keen understanding that the themes explored in my literary work should permeate throughout my author site. To say that Sarah’s work on this project exceeded my expectation is an understatement (a cliché I know, but nonetheless true). I look forward to future collaborations.”

Kathleen A. Kelly, poet, critic, and editor

“As an English professor, a perfectionist, and an occasional volunteer editor for friends, I know the concentration it takes to pay attention to all the fine points, and I much appreciate your expertise and professionalism. When you do suggest changes in phrasing or construction, your suggestions are always incisive and clear. It’s a pleasure working with you.”

—John R. Nelson, author of Flight Calls

“I appreciate your incredibly careful reading of the manuscript. You were respectful of my tone and intent and in many cases made improvements that helped with clarity, consistency, and more. You also caught a number of minor points that I had overlooked, and you did a good deal of work getting my footnotes into shape. Thanks for all of that!”

— Lisa K. Shapiro, author of No Forgotten Fronts: From Classrooms to Combat