Editing and proofreading for nonfiction writers

As a nonfiction writer, you know that unclear writing can be a serious detriment to any argument. Publishers and readers may not look past the grammatical rough spots in your writing to see the originality of your ideas or the significance of your conclusions.

That’s where an editor comes in: to help polish your writing so that your ideas and your voice can shine through. Or, if your book has already been copyedited and is lined up for publication—whether at a traditional publisher or a self-publisher—a proofreader will take a magnifying glass to your work to make sure it’s the best it can be before it’s off to the presses.

If you’re here in search of an editor or proofreader for your work, get in touch! Let’s have a discussion to sort out just what your manuscript needs, and if I’m not a good fit, I’ll do my best to help you find someone who is.